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Tapio shared this idea 3 years ago
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I'm using audio trainer in some cases for reporting interval data every 1km.

It says e. g.:

"Intervall-Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit: 5 km/h pro kilometer

Intervall-blah bleh... 9 Minuten pro kilometer"

This takes a lot of time, consumes battery and there's more danger that it gets interrupted by routing voice.

Thing is: I know what it reports, because I defined it.

Can you allow to override spoken text? Also, allow for not speaking the unit? (in pace, the "per n kilometer" part) There could be a text box with user defined text per spoken data and checkboxes. I could eg replace "Intervall-Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit" with nothing.

I am reporting distance, lap average speed, lap pace often.

Locus would be awesome if voice could just say: "10km, 5.4 km/h, 9 minutes 14 seconds". Totally enough.

And keep in mind the finnish language šŸ˜ lap average speed there is maybe "Lapskakaiinakoltinnenhaininenaveragetempotiminnen"

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