Waypoint with photo attachment , get location from geotag gps

Alistair Parsons shared this idea 3 years ago
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I use my tablet for photo poi management and route planning, and my phone for track recording and action cam for photos. So it isnt always possible to add a waypoint with photo attachment while the track is recording. When you add in a waypoint, and attach a photo, the location for the waypoint is always the centre of the screen, even if there is a photo with geotagged location as attachment. It would be good if there was an option to “get location from attachment” in the location picker of POI and waypoints.

In geotagged photo layer, when you create point, the point takes the photos geotagged gps location as its location, so there must be a mechanism in place to do this.

Use example When track recording you are often moving after all, and if on a bike/car I often just press the camera button on my action cam. While you could stop, add a waypoint, add a photo as attachment, more difficult if you are using an action camera to take photos, whch isnt uncommon for people who are recording a track.

ie record a track, transfer photos to correct folder, add waypoint, add recent photos, waypoints populate with correct location.

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