Record only when moving feature - Don't delete the first/last parked point

Marvin shared this idea 2 years ago
Gathering feedback

I have Record only when moving switched on. This is very nice when I have Locus record my track as soon as I start my motorcycle ride and then turn off when I get home. My disappointment is that the track deletes all the points of the stopped time. So If I pull off the road and stop at a restaurant for half an hour, when I get home, and look at the track, the last point before the stop is on the road and first point after the stop is also on the road. There is no record that I pulled in! Locus deleted all the points related to the stop, so the path is wrong, lacking detail. It doesn't show where I have been. I had two notable stops on my last ride and both times, there is no indication that I was where I had stopped.

I would like the Record only when moving, to leave one point at the location where I stopped.

To me, the point of this switch/feature is to keep the track from creating a pile of random points where I have stopped. It isn't to erase the fact that I was at that point. If I was at that point for more than the time period I have between point recording setting, there should be a point on my track to indicate that I was there. It should only be deleting surplus points, not altering the path of my track.

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