Add Zoom buttons to list of function panel buttons

Andrew Heard shared this idea 2 years ago
Gathering feedback

I prefer the Zoom buttons of Locus Map 3:

  • more readable in sunlight
  • more compact screen layout/ less wasted map space
  • more reliable to tap (more surrounding guard area)
  • supports larger sizing based on expert setting config.cfg dev_gui_main_rescale_value


Contrast this with Locus Map 4:


  • buttons sometimes "blend" in with map content
  • white buttons sometimes have poor contrast with map background
  • sometimes wasted map space
  • no support for larger sizing

My simple suggestion is to add the two Zoom buttons as two new independent items in the already extensive list (60+ buttons) of function panel buttons: settings > Controlling > Panels & Buttons > Set functions panels > +Add function button > add each button.

This would not affect any existing user.

Note it is already possible to hide the Zoom buttons: settings > Controlling > Panels & Buttons > Zoom buttons: Hidden.

It would allow zoom buttons to be placed in the 1) bottom panel ALA LM3 2) side panels - left or right 3) existing on-map position. And automatically this feature is available in Presets!

Great flexibility in placement!

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