Allow track interval to be specified in time, allow on dashboard

Andrew Heard shared this idea 2 years ago
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At present the recorded track interval is specified as a distance (1 to 10km, or custom):


I often average 20km/h so a custom value of 20km is more useful:


However, it would be a great improvement if the recorded track interval could be specified as a time interval (instead of distance), for example 1 hour. This would then allow the stats to display average speeds, with current, slowest & fastest intervals.

At present for a very long (multi-day) distance ride, as with all cycle computers, the average speed becomes almost meaningless because there will be times off the bike, times uphill, downhill, which "distort" the recent average speed. A more useful average could be "in the last hour", and the existing Interval statistics are an excellent existing mechanism for providing this functionality.

Then the logical next step within the Dashboard Editor is to add a cell option Data Sources for those interval statistics: interval time (current, min, max), interval speed (current, min, max).

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