Are LoRouter Segments downloaded by Locus 4.x up to date

Peter Schmitt shared this question 10 months ago


where ist the source for LoRouter segments, when I downlod the files via Locus/Settings/Navigation/Router/Routing_Data_updater?

How often is this source (!) updated?

I made some changes to OSM yesterday.

Data from here (Brouter) is already up to date and routing takes my changes into account.

Latest Segments downloaded via Locus seam to be not up-to-date.

Thx for information

Peter S.

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usually, the router data is updated twice a week. It may depend on some development procedures, so there is a possibility that it has been slightly delayed these days.

If so, it will be updated very soon.


Zdenek, Locus team


Hello Zdenek,

thanks for explaining.

Today Locus offered me new segments for download. In these new segments my changes to OSM are alredy not taken into account.

IMHO the source where Locus takes the segments-files from is already not updated.

But why am I offered to download updated files, if the files are not up-to-date?

Changes belong to E5_N45.rd5. When I replace the file manually by the file from here , LoRouter-routing takes my changes into account.

To be clear. It is not about a few days delay. Thats okay. It is about new files offered by Locus-App that are not realy up-to-date.

Best wishes from Germany

Peter S.


Hi Peter, please try your test again on monday morning. The computing server does more jobs related to OSM dataset and the planet file (basic datasource) is not updated every day. This can be improved, sure. But the gap is never more than two days. So it is possible routing tiles in wost cases (yours) are two days behind the public OSM data. We understand this is annoying for people who map.


Hello Radim,

just updated a few minutes ago. Everything is fine now. Routing-data is up-to-date!


Peter S.

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