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Geocaching: No Images visible

Guest shared this problem 2 years ago

Since new app version v3.56.3 (running on Android 6) images downloaded via GC-Offlinizer are not visible any more. Neither in the "Images"-tab nor the "Listing" tab. But if I click onto the placeholder icons, they do open and are visible. So the images got downloaded but aren't able to be displayed in those Geocaching tabs.

Contrary - if I open a GC listing without using GC-Offlinizer before, the images are displayed. But only the first time. If I open the listing another time, I only see the placeholder icons like above with GC-Offlinizer.

My directory settings: Main directory = "Private folder in internal storage". Custom sub-directories = all on "Private folder on external SD-card"

BTW: It's not possible right now to define the location of "data/geocaching", so it's being placed on the private folder of internal storage. Please make this Geocaching images folder configurable too, to be moved to external SD-card, since Geocaching images can take quite an enormous amount of memory.

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we are sorry for any inconvenience.

We found a problem and it will be fixed in the next version.

Thank you for your feedback.

Zdenek, Locus team

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