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cloud synchroniozation attachments

Leo van Kempen shared this problem 14 months ago

Hi There,

I just upgraded to 4 gold and it's just working fine! The cloud synchronization works and now i have my points both on my tablet and my phone, but it doesn't sync my attachments with my points (pictures/photo's). How can i do this? For me it's really important to have also these pictures with my points because i have a lot of points and 1 picture says more than words :-)

It only copies/sync the path of the photo. Not the photo itself.

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cloud sync works exactly as you described - it syncs only a path to the attachments.

If you need to see attachments on all devices, you can save them to the cloud storage (Google Drive, OneDrive...) and it will be visible everywhere. Another solution is copying all attachment files to all of your devices.

The attachment sync requires a much more robust solution and the load on the servers is completely different.

At the moment, it is beyond our capabilities and ambition to create "dropbox-style" storage.

Zdenek, Locus team


So at the moment, the media directory needs to be synced by other methods ( lets ignore the A12 issues for a moment)

If the attachment options allowed the use of google drive or simialr links, that would be fine as the attacment would still be cloud based

but using google drive just downloads the file to local folder, which then still isnt in sync

you would need to find the public url of the drive file, and then put it in the URL path

To avoid attachment load on your servers, could the attachments, and photo especially link to cloud services directly. In the case of photos i currently get the url of the photo on google photos and paste in url field, but its clunky, and I dont get the POI thumbnail like you do with photo POI attachment

if you could access the google photos file chooser somehow, that would be great, i think its an option in their API

cross posted as i think ive entioend the above before on otehr posts....


Leo, the App foldersync pro will do what you want, using google drive or similar as an intermediary storage....

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