Color outline for points in list

Marek Bařinka shared this idea 2 years ago
Gathering feedback


I would like to propose color outline for points in list - settings on list level.

My primary usage is for Geocaching where you can't change icons itself, but sometimes you want more precise organization visible immediately on map.


We are doing a trip and have several priorities defined:

  1. must find
  2. nice to find
  3. when we have enough time
  4. ...

Right now I don't know about any easy and fast solution for this. Probably just checking in which list the point is saved which is not "fast enough".

Proposition (something like this?):

  • Add outline color settings for list and also groups.
  • If only one on the settings is set - one color outline
  • If both settings are set - two color dash
  • If none setting - no outline


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