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Stéphane Gauvin shared this question 7 days ago

I am in the process of generating route segments for a trip far from my current location. There's probably a setting that would keep the map viewer centered on the current cursor location (vs back to current GPS coordinates). The current behavior forced me to zoom out / pan / zoom in for each segment generated by the routing service...

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you have to long-press the centering button and uncheck the "Hold map centered" option.


Zdenek, Locus team


I believe that this setting is to determine the location of the map WRT the positional arrow (center vs bottom of the screen). Has no impact on the fact that the map layer goes back to the GPS cursor.

This is not a major thing. Just an annoyance. Perhaps deactivating the GPS or finding a setting that launches NAV once a route has been calculated, would do. Figuring out exactly how would take more time than zomm out / pan / zoom in.

Thanks for your time

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