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My comments to Palner

Planer (

1) Right mouse button - Delete -> does not work; can only be removed from PLAN (not always!)

2) PLAN -> there is no COLLAPSE / EXPAND ALL option, and driving to the last position of the route will make the profiles invisible, which should be constantly visible. This also applies to statistics (no ergonomics).

3) The planner freezes when we set the route along the same path (e.g. a loop) -> inserts wrong points (the same error is in BRouter)

4) The pink color of the route is the same as the color of the roads -> maybe an intense blue and navy blue.

5) If I select the Slope option, it should be the same as in Locus, i.e. the defined color road should change depending on the slope.

6) Hovering the mouse over the route point -> should show: km of the route from the starting point, the slope and the vertical line on the chart below.

7) After cleaning the route, there is a problem with creating a new one. The right mouse button only has an option - Delete. Clicking does not insert a point even though we have selected a profile. This is very uncomfortable (look at BRouter)

8) Maybe the beginning is not 1 and the Start icon, the last point is the End icon, as in BRouter.

9) Double-clicking the mouse should not zoom, it is for scrolling with the wheel. It can be used to set a waypoint (start the route) or, if it concerns a waypoint, delete it.

10) The button from Import -> Hide hides the Import (is it pointless?) Instead of the imported routes.

11) After importing the route, editing it by entering a new route point or shifting an existing route point, radically changes the route (unacceptable for me). Probably the problem here is that after importing we only have 3 route points (and additionally we have a complication when point 1 coincides with 3 - we do not know in which direction the movement is taking place).

12) The Undo last change option would be very useful


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