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HTML not displayed in map's copyright label

Lopus shared this problem 15 months ago

Dear Locus team,

in my providers.xml, I put some HTML in the <attribution> part:

<attribution><![CDATA[<b>© CyclOSM</b> / <span style='color:green;'>OpenStreetMap contributors</span><br /><a href=''>Legende</a>]]></attribution>

When going to the details section of a custom online map, the HTML is displayed correctly and the links are working (I use this to have quick links to map keys etc.):


Though when clicking the copyright symbol in the top right corner of the map screen, the HTML is not displayed correctly:


The part

<b>Karte</b><br />
is a Locus internal thing as it is also displayed when clicking the copyright symbol of the LoMap.

Would it be possible to allow/display HTML for the copyright label? This would be a great way to link directly to external keys etc. without the need to click into the details section of a map.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards


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thank you for the feedback.

It will be fixed in the next version.

Have a nice day.

Zdenek, Locus team

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