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Toni Betzmeir shared this question 23 months ago

I have a Samsung S10e. When im using LocusMap 3.x it is running with out problems. I made an update to LocusMap 4.x, silver edition. If I let the mobile run for a track recording, the mobile doesn't find the GPS satellites, only occasionally. So that I getn't a good track. I think, maybe from 50 positions, Locus registered only one or two. I think this is a problem between the mobile an Locus. But I can' give more gps-rights to the LocusMap 4.x. This time I use your version 3.610, it is running perfect, track recording is super. But in the future I what use the 4.x version. What can I do.

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please, at first, get Locus Map 4 permission for all-time access to the location and exclude Locus from all means of battery optimization so that the app can run in the background, see

You can also try to set the position enhancement in Locus:

Open Locus settings > GPS&sensors:

  • Location filter > select medium or heavier filter
  • Google Services assisted location > turn it ON
  • Altitude manager > settings tab > SRTM data - select "Optimize GPS values" or "Replace GPS values"
  • Altitude manager > settings tab > Pressure sensor > turn ON (if available)
  • Altitude manager > settings tab > Altitude filter - select medium or heavier filter

Zdenek, Locus team

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