Locus maps new version not recording track correctly

Kineret Tzori shared this problem 23 months ago

I have recorded a track on locus maps classic and locus maps pro simultaneously .

Classic recorded perfectly.

The new version did what it has been doing since day 1 - connected straight lines between the start and end points.

I have already set everything possible to eliminate battery saving feature issue, and indeed the warning of this issue is gone from locus 4 ( which recorded point to point) and interestinglt still showing on locus classic (which recorded correctly).

I find this more than annoying. Time to fix the bug?

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please follow this manual: and let me know if it helps.

The LM3 and LM4 have the same core. So if one works correctly, you have to set the second the same way.


Zdenek, Locus team

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