Shorten copied GC-Link or search for GC-Links

Drumpldeer shared this idea 23 months ago
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Would it be possible to shorten a copied Geocache-Link to the GC-Code for faster searching within points or Geocaching-Search-/Import-Feature?

For example, if I copy a GC link from a messenger, I can paste it into Locus, but I have to modify the link first into GCxxxx, e.g. to search for it in my finds or to import it. cgeo has recently added a fancy function that recognises such a link, automatically shortens it and inserts it into the search field as a suggestion. Would something like this also work with Locus, which is concerned with searching in points or in "Import with GC-Code"? On the other hand, if I just open the link using Locus, it wants to save me the cache somewhere, which is fine. But in some cases I just want to search for it.

In detail:

  1. I get a link in format and copy it to clipboard
  2. I open Locus and use the Geocaching-Feature "Import via GC-Code" or i open "Search in points"
  3. Either I copy the link completely and Locus can also search for it
  4. Or Locus detects the link from the clipboard starting with or other related links with "/GC*", strip the link and paste only the GC-Code into the search-field

Thanks and kind regards!


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