Locus as service killed by Camera?

Jana shared this problem 3 months ago
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I use Locus Classic Pro on my Samsung S20FE. Locus is running as a service but from time to time (several times during a daily hike) it is killed (no dialog about stopped service just disappears from the bar and it is turned off). It is not only running, I have navigation ("navádění") to a point. I do not use any other apps except Camera + sometimes I reply to someone on Messenger.

I realized that Locus is mostly killed when I use the Camera (the default app) to take pictures and I change the aspect ratio, zoom or switch to video.

I do not use power save mode.

Is it possible that Locus as service is killed by Camera?

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I recommend excluding Locus from all means of optimization so that the app can run in the background.

Instructions on how to do it are summed up here:

But Samsung is quite aggressive in killing apps, so if it not helps, try to search for the solutions directly for your device here:


Zdenek, Locus team

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