Add option in Top Panel to show elevation, distance and bearing to map centre

Iain Marshall shared this idea 15 months ago
Gathering feedback

In the Information choices when pressing the top panel, please add map elevation at centre, distance and bearing to map centre - and difference between map elevation at current GPS location and map elevation at centre. Maybe call it Map Centre Detail ?

I have the elevation, distance and bearing turned on to display next to the centre and the vector to the centre, but it is often difficult to read against the background of the map, especially those with lots of colours like OSGB and IGN.

You could also have GPS elevation there as well, but probably not worth the clutter.

I know some of this can be set up in a Dashboard (but I couldn't find bearing to centre or map elevation at map centre ??).

As a long time user of Viewranger I used this feature quite a lot and miss it in Locus.

thanks, Iain.

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