Improve Locus Store > account > Check for content updates

Andrew Heard shared this idea 14 months ago
Gathering feedback

main menu > Locus Store > account > Check for content updates - this could also check consistency between purchased/ saved/ active offline map(s) and necessary elevation and routing data. At present when I tap "Check for content updates" I get this misleading message:


However because I have just switched country, and to save disc space, I have deleted all elevation (SRTM) .HGT files, and router segments 4 .RD4 files. You would consider these files "content"? The check could also alert the user that there are missing .HGT & .RD4 files for at least the active offline map. The alternative is only finding out a content/ mapping file is missing when it is not desirable / possible to obtain these quite large files.

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