tasks: { map_zoom: { action: "value", axis_x: "1234" } }

Vyacheslav Rotko shared this idea 13 months ago
Gathering feedback

The locus supports a set of commands that are received as a broadcast intent with specific tasks and actions to perform. This set, among other things, contains commands for controlling the scale of maps. This is very useful for controlling the scale of the map display, for example, using Tasker.

However, the scaling control commands:
1. very limited choice of scales [0;24]
2. this is very poorly applicable in practice, since we are used to counting distances in meters.

I propose to expand the set of zoom control commands, in which instead of "ZOOM" the distance displayed on the map in meters along the X or Y axis will be used.

for example:
tasks: { map_zoom: { action: "value", axis_x: "1234" } }

This will allow for scale management:
1. Set any desired map scale
2. Do not recalculate the scale from ZOOM to meters, which requires very complex algorithms for such calculation.

Thank you.

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