Improve default suggestions at search

druki shared this idea 12 months ago
Gathering feedback


Without input, the search suggests 5 recent searches and below that 5 categorys of LoPoints.

To see older recent search terms, it is necessary to delete from the 5 recent search terms. But by this, the user looses the most recent search terms. There is no other way to see a larger search history.

In the lower part of the default suggestions, a random selection of 5 categories is given in a fixed way (random, because I can not see a logic of selection/sorting).


Separate the recent search terms to have a larger list of recent search terms and see older entries without need to delete newer entries.


Let the user select his prefered LoPoint categories to be shown in the defsult suggestion list instead of random 5 entries.

P.S. this ideas can be combined with a new search without suggestions (and instead providing the functionality of recent search and favourite LoPoint categories in a standard search) 😉

What do you think about this ideas?

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