Web planner - Simplify adding intermediate waypoints

Peter Kundrat shared this idea 11 months ago
Gathering feedback

Hi. Web planner is great for quickly drafting a route, but when you try to research multiple ways to get to the destination - it gets a bit more cumbersome - you need to start juggling with individual points in the plan section.

Following enancements would make it much more time efficient:

1) allow selection of a waypoint - i.e. when you click on a waypoint in the map or in the planner
(same as now on a mouseover - showing it in orange - but click would persist the selection even after you move the mouse away)
2) any left click on the map would add a new waypoint after currently selected waypoint and make a new waypoint the currently selected waypoint - this way you can start inserting segments in the middle of the route.
3) add entry to the right click popup menu called "Go through here (add waypoint)"
if non-finish waypint is selected - new waypoint would be added after selected waypoint.
4) allow the same in reverse direction - add map right click menu "Go through here (insert waypoint before)" - except for the start point (there Add start point does the same function).
5) same as point 2) but inserting before selected point when holding Shift key.

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