"Beat yourself" increase training motivation by running/cycling against yourself

Davidos shared this idea 8 months ago
Gathering feedback

Most of us have a home round they run or cycle usually. After a time it can become boring or you want to know during the activity where you win or loose time to improve yourself. Therefore it would be great to have the chance to select a track and to "fight" against it. This means you use the already existing track and you run/cycle it once again. But while doing it you will get information and see if you are faster or slowier this time. To get information by a self defined time slot (e.g. every 5 minutes) or distance (e.g. 1 km) would help to get this information during the activity.

The motivative thing is to see where you are faster this time or where you loose time. And with that you see where you can improve your activity.

For sure it works also for further activities and not only running or cycling 😉

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