Sliders to analyze part of track

Bart Haeck shared this idea 6 months ago
Gathering feedback

Long time user of Locus here, very grateful for what the app & the team is offering!

If I could make one suggestion for a feature: a simple tool to analyze part of a track. I know you can select a track > tools > analyzer, then select part of a track, to see distance, elevation gain, etc.

But the above is a bit cumbersome, to select the part of the track. Would it be possible to have like "sliders" for the start/end of the part to be analyzed? I've seen it on an app called mapout (iOS only), and it looks really handy to quickly estimate how long a certain part of a route is.

Secondly in the existing track analyzer in Locus, all other router and kml map items etc. disappear when analyzing a track.

Anyhow, keep up the good work šŸ‘

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