LoPoints(offline) search - display categories in text-based search

Andrew Heard shared this idea 5 months ago
Gathering feedback

Recently I was looking for all "water" POI in LoPoints(offline). To my surprise, I couldn't find them (quickly). Not in "public services" where toilets are listed, not in "food & drink", not in "culture & tourism". I finally found them in the folder "hiking & cycling". Everyone will have their own suggestion for how these items are categorized, so that is not my suggestion here.


Instead, from Search, when I type "water", as well as showing a list of every nearby water POI, I suggest at the top of the list showing which folders-topics these POI are found in? That way I can quickly display all relevant POI and not just a single one from the list of results. And I quickly learn where the topic was kept for next time.


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