Add "Take a photo" to "Quick Button" for Geocaching

Willi shared this idea 22 days ago
Gathering feedback

I am using Locusmap Classic for many years and i really like it. But due to problems with rights management in filestem of newer Andoid versions i am thinking to change to locusmap 4.

I was trying the geocaching already in locusmap 4 but there is something that i am missing since locusmap Classic. In Locusmap 4 its more complicated to add a photo to a waypoint or geocache. I very often use the function to take fotos to a geocache. But there are many steps nessecary. If i take many fotos its really annoying.

I really would prefer to be able to add "Take a Photo" to the "Quick button". That would be really great. I requested that already 5 years ago for locusmap Classic but it was never implemented.

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