Enabling multiple WMTS layers at the same time

Stefan Kinell shared this idea 20 days ago
Gathering feedback

I see this has been discussed and posted as questions before. But I can not see it as an idea for implementation that can be voted on. So therefore I add it also for the Android version here.

Implement support for multiple WMTS-layers. A WMTS-xml can contain multiple layers one could choose from. As an example, I have a map where two layers are different basemap layers, one layer is a name layer and one layer features national parks, nature reserves and protected wildlife nature. A preferred usage is to be able to choose a baselayer, and then one or more additional layers such as the name and/or protected nature layer as well. I'm pretty sure there are more similar services out there that have the same structure.

The map service I provide is covering Sweden and is available as a web map service at https://kartor.gokartor.se/ and I keep getting users that ask for a good app where my maps can be supported. I hope Locus Map can be that solution ;-)

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