Add place of sunrise and sunset to the compass screen

Martin Hanzalek shared this idea 3 years ago
Gathering feedback

It would be nice if the compass screen showed apart from current Sun position also place of sunset and sunrise for the current date!

The reason behind this idea: sometimes, when making camp, you just want to know where the Sun will set (this is easier to guess as you usually make the camp in the evening) and where the Sun will rise again (this is quite tricky, because it usually is not exact East and can differ from it by a huge margin depending on the time of year and latitude). It is just nice to have the Sun waking you up, and it also helps drying the tents and stuff, when you want to pack quickly.

Currently the compass screen shows only cardinal points (NSWE) and Sun position.

There are separate applications for sunrise and sunset places, but usually they need data. And also – why a separate app for this?

(Moon + set/rise would be also nice, but Sun is probably more important.)

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