Add Latitude-Like Location Sharing Options

Oliver Naumann shared this idea 7 years ago
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After Google discontinued their Latitude service and no other option showing up in the past, I want to suggest to add this function to Locus Maps. There are several solution for Public Sharing and or manual sharing of location, but none is working as well a Latitude did.

I think these would be the key features:

- Share Location on a regular basis as a background service

- Use the most energy efficient way (WLAN location, updated infrequently, esp. when not moving)

- Use the most accurate when in foreground

- Offer Car / Dock Mode

- Location needs to be able to be shared privately (UN/PW?) to a group of people (lets say familiy and friends)

- You could think of offering a paid service, but suggest to give option of Self-Hosting the Server (would FTP-Server enough?)

- Location History would be optional, the latest Lat/Long/Timestamp for each user shoudl be sufficient

- Ability to "PIng" a friend could be great too.

I know this is a lot as a "Suggestion" but It would be great. I have Locus Pro open / running when I am traveling / hiking etc most of the time, so would be great to be able to find my friends and families location on this map too.

thanks for considering!

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