Adding button to panel only for search in points

Hukuk Gen shared this idea 6 years ago
Gathering feedback

Hey, we know there is a search button on the panel. i have almost 2000 pois. And i often use search function.

i use online search but mostly im using offline search specially while i drive.

is it possible to put offline search poi button to the panel? i dont want to change switch to between online and offline search functions Specially when i drive.

And another thing, im a traveller and im adding description all in my pois.

sometimes i need to search something in descriptions but there is no function in offline search function. is it possible to search? For ex i saw karettas at few points but i dont remember poi names i cant find them. if i could search in descriptions then i can find. :) but i dont know if it possible or not maybe too costly, runtime.

These are my wishes. Sorry for my bad English.

Have a nice day everyone.

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