Artefacts when rendering closed ways in Vector maps

John Campbell shared this idea 7 years ago
Gathering feedback

If a way (highway, aeroway etc) is a closed loop, and overlaps a tile

boundary, spurious vertical and/or horizontal lines appear. I reported this on the forum, but didn't get the right topic. See and

I made a suggestion:

  1. Where the polygon is closed and has no fill (as with a highway, where we

    just want to draw the line of the path), is it possible to render it as

    if it was not closed?

And Voldapet responded in

  1. I wanted to answer NO, but I realized that we can use parameter

    force-polygon-line="true" during generation. We use it for

    contour-lines, that are by definition closed, However we've never used

    it for highways (are not so often closed as ring), but it could work.

This occurs with Lotus maps and built-in themes as well as OpenAndromaps and other themes at zooms 12, 13 and 14 wherever a highway is mapped as a closed loop.

Would this be an appropriate solution to this real life problem?

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