Automaticly lock the Zoom to Z(x) from Z(x) to Z(x+y) in case of a "hole" in zoom range (ext map)

Fifi shared this idea 3 years ago
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Explanation :

Folder for external offline maps

Inside this folder, a sub folder with several maps from the same area in it (Map1, Map2, Map3 etc ...)

Map1 min-max Zoom Range : 6-9

Map2 min-max Zoom Range : 12-14

If i choose this sub folder and i Zoom on the area from 6 to 9. No problem.

If i continue zooming to 10 and 11, display is a white screen because the other map is starting to Zoom 12.

Question : when we zoom, should it be possible to have the Zoom locked automatically until the next Zoom become available when there's a "Hole" in the zoom range on a area ?

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