Calibrator card. Additional calibration.

Vyacheslav Rotko shared this idea 4 years ago
Gathering feedback

I often use the Card Calibrator tool.

I often need additional calibration of the card.

When creating a map, it is required to enter the name of the map in the empty field. If the name of the card coincides with the name of an existing card, then a new card "name + 00x" is created. Old card must be removed manually. The new map has to be renamed. We have to do a lot of actions.

I suggest that when you click the "CREATE" button in the "NAME" field, leave the previous name and the new card not to create.

If you need a new card, you can change the name manually.

And please, after the map is created, delete unnecessary information from the \ Locus \ data \ import folder.

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