Calibrator of maps. Optimization of actions. 2

Vyacheslav Rotko shared this idea 2 years ago
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In the topic "Calibrator of maps. Optimization of actions" I suggested remembering the position of the cursor and the scale of the photo and then restoring it when opening the photo for newly added points. The experience of using a card calibrator showed that it was a mistake. When I add a new point, I want to see all the previously set calibration points in order to choose a place for the next calibration point. And I always first scale the photo in such a way that it would see it completely.

Please again pay attention to this issue.

I suggest that after adding a new calibration point, open the photo in such a way that it is fully visible.

And I also suggest displaying the calibration points not only in the photo, but also on the map. This will speed up the search for the desired location on the map.