Can I make a shortcut to a wms (Service and) layer

Bernhard Pieter shared this idea 2 years ago
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For several reasons not hiking at this time, i use Locus pro. a very nice app.

I have found for my city in the past some aerial photo wms layer that works great in Locus, and i found several other uses of the wms layers, as some historical maps are available as wms layer

In the case of the aerial photo wms, it is one wms service with lots of selecteable items, where i the select aerial photo .. something like that. (and some other wms have maybe a hundred layers to choose the desired from..)

Other wms may have just one layer,

Now my question would be, can I have /make shortcuts, to a certain setting in a certain layer, so i can get to the layer and the regular map, and to other layers quickly? That is a function i would like.

And one other thing, For me it is easy to find wms layer url's on my pc, but i then transfer them to my phone via email and copy the link in Locus as wms layer... is there not a way to get it easier in Locus? (Send to locus would be nice ;) ) .

Maybe the wms url's are stored in some folder that i can sync with an external app to my pc and edit the wms url file to add new wms urls?

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