Generate a routing track based on an initial track with only few points

Wolfgang shared this idea 11 years ago
Gathering feedback

Sometimes I get very rough tracks (only few points) to plan a motorcycle tour. E. g. 20 trackpoints for a tour of 300 km.

I`d like to load this rough track (it looks more like a list of some basic routing points) in Locus and I`d like to be able to generate a route (via CloudMade, MapQuest...) similar to the manual way to do it via "Add new route" with "Compute route" from point to point.

This route might have some hundred or thousands points (the points CloudMade delivers) and is much more detailed than the initial rough track.

(I think, this function doesn`t exist ... at least I didn`t find it.)

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btw: Locus is the greatest app on my smartphone!!!

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