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John Mack shared this idea 5 years ago
Gathering feedback

Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone could offer advice, In Ireland we have a poorly designed postcode that isn't updated as often as it should be. There is a company in Ireland who have developed a geo code (converting lat long down to a 8 character) that has built in scale ability, The emergency services and majority of delivery groups will use this code as a primary code, does anyone know how I would go about getting a plugin made to allow for this to be included in the search feature. and allow me to plot to that location. Do I request that Lomap contact Loc8 for the use of the algorithm, I'll have loads more question to ask in the future if I can get this displaying correctly, I would love to design a plugin that would show the location of an incident as well as team members on the way to said site.

info: www,eircode.ie


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