Geocaching: Display Favorite points on map next to cacheicons

sonny shared this idea 2 years ago
Collecting votes

There's already a similar function to display GC-vote stars on the map. GC-vote IMHO is a quality system which has been implemented before Groundspeak introduced their Favorite points system. A nice idea to see at first sight on the map which caches could be especially interesting in a region.

But today almost everybody just uses Groundspeak's Favorites to mark very good Caches and not GC-vote. Favorites are either loaded online using GC4L addon or even offline using an exported GPX of GSAK. Therefor I think it would be more help to Cachers to see a Cache's Nr. of Fav-points on the map instead of its GC-vote stars.

Second thing: Because of the disregarded use of GCVote nowadays it would be nice if we could optionally hide the GC-vote line within "Basic Info" tab, since Favorites-line is there too instead.