Geocaching: Icons, Corrected Coordinates, Premium caches, GPX-Export/Import

sonny shared this idea 23 months ago
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Dear Locus-Team!

I noticed the following points regarding Geocaching-icons of Caches with corrected coordinates and/or Premium Member Only (PMO) Caches - which are not quite consistent within Locus and could be improved:

  1. Found Caches with corrected coordinates:
    Opposite to unfound Caches (which have a little red star in the top right corner of its icon) to indicate that the cache has corrected coordinates, found caches' smiley icons misses this red star in the top right corner. please add.
  2. Detail page of a Geocache:
    At the very top-left of the site, within the green line the Cache's icon doesn't have both indicators: premium cache and corrected coordinates. Shoould be exactly the same icon (including the 2 indicators) as on the map of this Cache.
  3. Dialog "Selected Items": No PMO indicator
    If clicking onto a Cache's icon on the map and several caches are close to each other, a dialog opens to choose one Cache. Within this dialog the PMO-indicator is missing.
  4. PMO info at Cache's Detail page
    Right now we have no info on the Cache's detail pages if it is a PMO. Please add something like a new line "Premium member only Cache" (and/or just a "crown-icon") within tab "Basic Info".
  5. Export into GPX and Re-Imnport of this GPX
    if exporting a Cache with child Waypoints and reimporting this GPX, each of the Caches' infos should be restored again. It is - but not the Names of the child-waypoints which are empty.
  6. Import of GSAK-GPX: Parse PMO tag
    If importing a GPX created by GSAK, please parse the following tag, and use it to set PMO-info within Locus: