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mambofive shared this idea 10 years ago
Gathering feedback

What about supporting geokretys in Locus?

Currently, we have an Android App (Geokrety Logger) which supports basic logging functions for GeoKretys, but is not (yet) integrated into Locus.

These are my ideas about basic GeoKrety support in Locus:

  • A general switch to turn GeoKrety support on or off, there are may cachers which ignore them...
  • Locus should know about GeoKretys in caches and display them in a separate tab similar to This information can be retrieved online (e.g., Locus should be able to update this information for single caches or a list of selected caches (like gcvote support).
  • Filter and sorting functions should support geokretys
  • For basic logging functionality ("retrieve this geokrety from this cache", "drop a geokrety from my inventory in this cache", etc.), the Geokrety Logger App could be used, Locus should provide short cuts to call this app and pass GC-code, tracking code etc to the app, so I don't have to enter the same information there again.

Just my 2 cents, what do other geocachers think about this?

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