Get position from Wi-Fi/BTS to save battery even when GPS is allowed in Android (KitKat).

popescu shared this idea 10 years ago
Gathering feedback

I often need just an approximate position in Locus and don't want to waste the battery on GPS, but occasionally I need the precise position as well so I keep GPS enabled in Android settings. Since Android 4.4.+ doesn't allow to choose between means of retrieving position as simply as the previous versions did, it's not possible to use a GPS toggler in the status bar or something similar.

So now in Locus I have to choose between GPS or no location at all. Or I need to go to deep to the system settings every time I want to change GPS to Wi-Fi/BTS. But some apps can retrieve position just from Wi-Fi/BTS even when GPS is allowed in the system. Can you add to Locus the posibility to choose manually the means of retrieving position?

My idea is that taping on the satellite screen would toggle GPS and WiFi/BTS whereas the bottom button would be used to disabling and enabling any location service. The two buttons now have the same function so it could be divided like this, but it's just an idea.

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