Guiding when sailing

Ed Tomlinson shared this idea 4 years ago
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When sailing (no motor) there is set of directions that are not possible. These depend on the wind and current. It would be nice if the guide function could know about the 'forbidden zone'. That way it could understand you are tacking and are on course even though you are not going directly to the poi.

With just wind the 'forbidden zone' would be the wind directions ±N°. With a current it becomes wind directions -n° and +m° where n and m depend on the current (direction and speed) and your speed. Would be nice to be able to enter the wind direction and N along with the current direction and speed. Then Lotus could calculate the 'forbidden zone' depending on your speed.

A cone with the apex at your current location could be used to indicate this zone.

Recording this info in the track would also be great