Indication of compass accuracy wanted

Hallgeir Gjesdal shared this idea 2 years ago
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Well, nowadays we are surrounded of magnetic fields everywhere and Locus does not indicate (yet) if your device has bad compass accuracy/precision. Not that I know of anyway..

In my daily use of Locus, I mostly do geocaching or short hiking. Almost as a routin, I check my compass accuracy by go into Dialer on my Note 3....enter *#0*#...then Sensors.. I want my magnetic sensor to show a blue line and number 3 as this is highest accuracy. So I perform a lot of figure 8's. Test how sensitive your compass is by grabbing a magnet and move it close to your device. My Note 3 compass is very sensitive and loose accuracy very easily :-(

As a sidenote, my device do not store this in case of rebooting.. so.. I have to do this procedure whenever I do so.

I need an indicator or warning about bad compass accuracy inside Locus app. It could be a popup window, or even better, a "ring" around satellite-dish icon (like the one on Live Tracking icon) that will change colour according to accuracy/precision of compass.. This could easily even be a life-saver.

This should be possible, because a lot of standalone compass-apps give you a warning if bad accuracy/ there must be a simple api-call..or whatever.