Improved poi groupping for waypoints

Hukuk Gen shared this idea 4 years ago
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Hey, this idea will clean all mess on the screen. Actually Locus has that function but we dont control that. Groupping pois.

We should make a main poi which include other pois, collaps or expand with just one click.

Why we need that? All screen mess will be clean.

i want to give an example. i really need that. im a traveller, hiking, driving i travel different places. Speciallly Ancient Cities. Some ancient cities are too big. There are include too many ruins, theatres, rome baths, castles. i research places and i add pois before i go. And im planing my route. I have to add 70 80 pois for only just one Ancient City or Ancient area or camping area, water resources, wc, ruins etc.

i have almost 4000 poi and not hard to guess too many pois on the screen. Maybe you will tell hide useless pois. But sometimes i drive car with no plan and i need to see nearest pois on the screen etc. Hide or show is not easy way. Less finger moviment much function is the best.

if it is possible we can create a main waypoint called ETC Ancient City if we click on it all historical buildings, ruins appear on the screen and we can collapse them with just one click. And we will not have to lost time with settings etc.

What do you think if it is possible?

Thank you. Have a nice day. And again sorry for my bad English.

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