Keep buddy tracking points visible even when offline / crashing / rebooting / etc

joeloc shared this idea 6 years ago
Gathering feedback

We tried to use Locus buddy tracking over the past year pretty much every day when cycling all around the planet. Unfortunately, in its current form, it's merely a toy for city dwellers in 4g-network-land. Here's a few things that need to be fixed in order to make it actually usable "out there", in order of importance:

(1) Your buddies point (and your own) must NEVER DISAPPEAR from your map. Not if you lose networking, not if your buddy loses networking, not if you lose networking and your phone crashes, not if your buddy's phone reboots and he cant get back online, not if you lose network and have to change batteries... not ever! Hope you get the idea.

Right now... in all of those cases (and many more), your buddy is simply gone from your map and you have no idea where he was last... unless you remember. Thats very unfortunate and creates misunderstandings quite often. Locus absolutely must keep the points visible, even HOURS after last being online (you or buddy) and after a dozen restarts/reboots.

The only thing that may actually remove a buddy's point from your map is when you or he actively and manually terminate buddy tracking.

(2) It is important to see where your buddy HAS COME FROM. Keep his last 5 points (adjustable) and display them as a tiny track behind his point... half transparent and unobtrusive.

(3) You also want to see where your body IS GOING TO. So if he has an active destination (ie guiding or navigation), transmit his destination point along with his position and display it on my map with an extra arrow (half transparent and in buddies base color).

(4) Buddy tracking still seems to do some networking on main task. I quite often have Locus put up a "working" dialog without any further info and block completely... for minutes... maybe forever. I can only get back control by toggling airplane mode or some other stupid thing. Note that there isnt only ONLINE and OFFLINE states in real life... it also happens quite often that the phone thinks it has an EDGE connection... but in fact, transmitting even a single TCP byte will take literally forever. Blocking Locus dead in these cases is not a pretty thing to do, to put it mildly.

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