Lapse: enhanced statistics & usability

Christian shared this idea 8 years ago
Gathering feedback

With the introducing of statistics in Locus 3.4.x the app has become more useful for analytics. I like it very much!

One of the best improvements are 'lapse' with statistics of user defined distances. And the possibility to show one (1) lapse on map. If you do this the appropriate lapse is displayed on map and marked with colour. Nice!

But if you on map you can not switch to next lapse without tapping on track - tap on popup - switch to tab 'lapse' - remind the last lapse - choose the next lapse - show on map.

So my suggestion:

: Three (3) lapse should be displayed - one marked as active in center, like now. The two other lapse should be displayed only ~20% of his length (only for tapping)

: a popup should display all the values like in tab 'lapse' of the appropriate lapse (number of km, time, meter uphill / downhill, speed)

: Tapping on the next lapse - the choosen lapse should be centered and marked as active and the popup with new values should be displayed

: when tapping on popup the track screen with tab 'lapse' and the active lapse should be displayed

So you can switch from tab 'lapse' to map and back and you can see all the important values for each lapse even on map.

I use statistics in Locus very often but still need a additional program on PC for comprehensive analytics. I would like to avoid this in near future.

If anyone find this idea useful or have some additional suggestions feel free to vote here.


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