Live updating Filter for points

sonny shared this idea 17 months ago
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I've got several point folders containing many thousand caches.

To a) make it clearly visible on the map which caches I want to find today, to b) decrease starting time of Locus I usually use a filter to show me for example just unfound caches within a distance of 5000 meters.

The "problem" is, that I have to update the filterered caches each time I change my location. Meaning several extra clicks. Especially for convinient, not very Locus-freaked cachers (like me ;-) this task can be annoying.

Idea: to update the display of filtered points on the map automatically if a user change it's loaction. Maybe by default, or by an option within Locus-settings, or maybe as additional parameter "autoupdate" within Filter's setting, or within the point folder's setting.


Additional questions:

It's already possible to quick execute a saved filter by clicking onto a point folder's icon. But right now just if NO cache of the folder is actually displayed. If so, then click on the icon just causes each point to be hidden, and after that I've to click again on folder's icon. I think it would be better if in this case also a menu opens ("Hide all", Filternames)

I'm into Locus for many years, using point folders and filters regularely. But didn't know yet that there's such a quick filter by clicking on folder icons. Maybe this option could be made more "intuitive" within the user interface. For example by the use of "filter" or "eye" icons somewhere on or next to the folders icons, or maybe within the 3-point-menu on the right of a folder.