No automatic recalculation of the route when inserting a NoGo

Animis Spem shared this idea 3 years ago
Gathering feedback

During navigation, when a "no go" area is inserted on the route, the route is always computed anew, although any automatic route recalculation available there is deactivated in the settings. This destroys my intended route and, if no via points are set, navigates directly to the destination. For Locus this is of course a new route and all previous time values ​​and distances (dashboard) are reset.

This is not always desirable.

Background: In most cases I have already overcome the "bad" spot (by bike), but I would like to avoid it for future tours.

I would like to express the following wishes / ideas:

1. If no automatic recalculation is defined, even "nogo" inserted during navigation should not trigger an automatic calculation (possibly display a warning or query dialog with cancel option)

2. If a route has to be recalculated during navigation, there should be the option of keeping previous times and distances and adding them up (option in Settings?)

3. NoGo areas can currently only be entered in the route planner and during navigation. Can't you make this function available in the normal map view and put it on a function bar?

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