Notification during guiding

fefrivold shared this idea 6 years ago
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When I'm in geocaching, I often use sound notification when I'm looking for points.

For example, I use increase frequency, or TTS.

Dependent on how close I am, I often want to change the alert type from TTS to Increase frequency, or turn the sound off. Unfortunately, I have to go into the menu.

My suggestion is to make a shortcut to these audio settings while guiding for easier access to the settings.

Another "problem" is that the "Initial Distance" parameter is used for both repeated and Increase frequency.I wish for example to be notified with TTS every 20 meter, but if I use Increas Frequenscy, i will set the start point, and that is maybe 100 meter. Those values is not related, and I have to adjust them back and forth each time.Therefore, it would be nice if Locus could remember the parameters separately according to the method used.

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