Offer "fill elevation" also in 1) "add new route & measure" and/or 2) empty chart

Georg D shared this idea 7 years ago
Gathering feedback

In "add new route & measure", create a track in an area you know you don't have elevation files for. Then tap the wrench icon and select "Show chart". Now, despite the menu entry name "chart", the statistics appear. Several figures cannot be correctly calculated, and switching to the tab "chart" just shows an empty place holder. Here, you have no possibility to add the missing elevation information. Now save the created track, then open it, same issues with statistics and chart - but here, you can select arrow menu on lower right > More > Fill elevation which allows you to obtain elevation information online or to download the required elevation file(s).

1) I would like to have that option available in "add new route & measure", so it's not required to save the track and it's less steps to download the elevation files for a certain area

2) To avoid littering the wrench icon menu, and to make the elevation download easier to find, please make it available by tap into the empty chart (and also mention that in the displayed text ;-)

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