Offline Geonames on External SD Card

William Robinson shared this idea 4 years ago
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Hi all,

With the latest update to Locus, the offline Geonames search has become much faster, which is excellent! And that leads to a new request/idea. The US database of Geonames is quite large (about 260 MB), and there appears to be no way to break it up into sections by region or state, to reduce the size of the file. Because Android 5.1 has restrictions on the use of external memory, space in the internal memory can become quite limited, so it would be good to be able to move the Geonames file from the internal memory to an external SD card. Would it be possible to make the Geonames file work on an external SD card, similar to what can be done with the LotusExternalMaps file on the external SD card for stored vector maps?